Sports Betting in North Carolina: An Analysis of the Top North Carolina Betting Sites for 2023

Regrettably, the wagering scene in the conservative state of North Carolina is comparatively lackluster. North Carolina, being among the nation’s oldest states, initially enshrined an anti-gambling position in its legislation, which has undergone a gradual evolution over the years. In the early 1800s, lotteries were legalized, and in 1948, a dog and horse racing track was established. The first casino in the state was established and administered by the Cherokee tribe in the 1990s. Even when Daily Fantasy finally made its way to the state, it was a difficult journey due to the opposition of some politicians who opposed the games. Several new proposals to legalize sports wagering in North Carolina are currently under consideration; however, the ultimate outcome of these discussions is uncertain. For further elaboration, please refer to the page devoted to wagering in North Carolina.

Legislation Regarding Gambling in North Carolina

Legislation regarding wagering in North Carolina has been notoriously stringent since the 1700s, as was previously stated. Fortunately, initiatives from citizens and national trends have inspired legislators to adopt a more receptive position regarding wagering. Significant developments include the implementation of tribal-operated casinos in 1997 and 2015. There are presently three sports wagering-specific proposals in the North Carolina legislature: HB 929, SB 154, and HB 302. These bills have the potential to significantly improve the betting environment in the state.

The Sports Most Popular in North Carolina
There is an abundance of opportunities for sports enthusiasts in North Carolina to participate in or show support for local teams. Football is immensely popular in the state, and the Carolina Panthers are the most recognizable professional sports franchise. The North Carolina Hurricanes, the state’s National Hockey League franchise, are also formidable opponents, having won the Stanley Cup in 2006. In addition to the an active NASCAR fanbase and numerous minor league baseball teams, the state of North Carolina is home to numerous collegiate sports programs and the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets.

The Regional Origins of Sports Betting

It is likely that you are already aware that North Carolina, one of the more conservative states in the country, has been slow to legalize wagering. Casino wagering has been subject to regulations since 1753; however, it has only been legally permitted for the past 25 years. We maintain optimism that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) will prompt North Carolina legislators to reconsider their stance and facilitate the imminent expansion of sports wagering options, as it has done for numerous other states.

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