Slot Overview with the Eggz! Power Combo

Even though modern smartphones have enormous screens, certain older mobile phones have the reputation of being indestructible. Then, picture going back in time a couple hundred thousand years, to when everything was formed of bones and stones. I guess things back then were built to endure forever. All41 Studios, a Games Global partner, created a game called Eggz! Power Combo, which may explain why we sound a little ridiculous right now. Everything in Eggz! Power Combo, an online slot with a prehistoric theme developed in the style of The Flintstones, is extremely sturdy. It’s also essentially the same as Chests of Gold Power Combo and Kings of Crystals under a different veneer. “Yabba dabba doo,” as Fred Flintstone may have said. Okay, let’s check it out.

All41 Studios has taken a more cartoonish approach to their third slot, Eggz! Power Combo. When you consider that this is virtually the third slot to provide the identical set of characteristics, the humorous atmosphere helps disarm the tiredness that creeps in. In the main game, players are transported to a caveman’s home, but in the free spins bonus round, the setting changes. The upbeat tone is perfect for the subject matter, and out of the three games, Eggz! Power Combo has left the most positive impression.

A very unstable mathematical model drives the output of four distinct RTP models. Theoretically, the game has a 38.79% success rate at the maximum level of 96.4%. When not in the bonus round (which we’ll get to later), Eggz! Power Combo is played on a 5-reel, 4-row grid matrix with 40 paylines. Bets range from 20 pence to £/€20 each paid spin, and extra features may be purchased in packs of seven.

Now we’ll talk about the paytable; Eggz! Power Combo features minimal payouts due to the use of bone-shaped 9-A card ranks, followed by meat, a club, and three character symbols. Five matching symbols along an active payline result in a payout of between 2.5 and 5 times the initial wager (or 0.75x for card royals). Wilds are additional pay symbols that can occur on Reels 2, 3, and 4.

Landing the egg scatter symbols in Eggz! Power Combo is the key to unlocking the game’s many extra features and winning big. There are three distinct egg scatter symbols, each of which triggers a unique free spins bonus game with random additional features. Scatters have a possibility of triggering either the single feature or mixed feature rounds.

Nudging Wild in Free Games

Five nudge wild-filled free spins may be won with the pink scatter symbol. This round is played on a board that is 100 paylines wide and 6 rows high. When at least one wild appears, the reel is “nudged” to create a full set of wilds. When you get a pink scatter, you get more free games.

Jackpot-Paying Free Spins

When the green scatter appears, you may win 10 bonus games and a jackpot! During this time, you may get coin symbols worth anywhere from 1x to 10x your wager or letters that unlock progressive jackpots. If you get M, I, N, I, you win the Mini jackpot worth 25 times your wager; if you get M, I, N, O, R, you win the Minor jackpot worth 50 times your wager; if you get M, A, J, O, R, you win the Major jackpot worth 500 times your wager; and if you get G, R, A, N, D, you win the Grand jackpot worth 10,000 times your wager.

Multiply your free spins!

The blue egg scatter can activate 5 free games with a multiplier of up to x10. A multiplier of 2, 3, 5, or 10 is awarded at random after each spin. Free games can be re-triggered if a blue scatter symbol appears.

Variety Packs

Free spins with stacked features can be triggered by landing scatter combinations, or existing free spins can be upgraded to include more free spins and features. Five potential free games with nudging wilds and a win multiplier can be triggered by the pink and blue scatters. Ten free spins with nudging wilds and jackpot collection are possible if pink and green scatters appear, while the same number of free spins with a win multiplier and jackpot collection are possible if blue and green scatters appear. Finally, 3 scatters (pink, blue, and green) can activate 10 bonus spins with all 3 features active.

Add-On Purchase

There are seven distinct choices available in the bonus purchase menu, ranging from single-feature free spins to double and triple. Costs might range from 20% to 110% of the original wager.

Eggz! Verdict in Favor of the Slots

All41 Studios has returned to the well for the third time with a slot that has nearly identical gameplay, engine, and statistics to their previous two releases. From Eggz to Power Combo Chests of Gold to Kings of Crystals. So yet, no Power Combo has managed to get our blood pumping. All have very varied veneers on the outside, but at their cores are essentially the same arithmetic model that fires out essentially the same characteristics. It’s tough to get pumped up about repeating an activity if you’ve already done it twice and found it to be unremarkable both times.

To defend Eggz! Power Combo, I’d like to highlight some of the game’s best features. One reason for its widespread acceptance is the caveman/cavewoman theme’s lightheartedness in comparison to its more serious forebears. This might be disappointing because, despite the high levels of volatility, the overall atmosphere may be too subtle for some. In all other respects, Eggz! Power Combo is like any other Power Combo-themed slot machine. Get the ‘eggz’ scatter symbols on the reels in the hopes of starting a bonus game, ideally one with many features. Since the jackpot round provides the most direct route to the game’s maximum reward of 10,000x the stake, it stands to reason that it is the most popular. The others are great as well, such as free spins with a win multiplier or nudge wilds on an enlarged game grid. That settles it.

Those who like what All41 Studios presented in their previous two games will be overjoyed to have a third opportunity to do so. There must be a hungry audience for this kind of thing, as well, as there are already three bottles deep in the range. If the range hasn’t done it for you, and the Croods/Flintstones thing isn’t your thing, then you probably won’t be impressed by anything else in Eggz! Power Combo.

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